De boeken van Slegers, Liesbet

Kevin's big book of emotions
Kevin's big book of the five senses
me and my house
Me and the animals
Quiet koala noisy monkey
Take a look see where i live
Guess what i feel
Guess what i hear
Guess what i see
Katie discovers summer
Katie discovers winter
Katie helps mom
Katie moves
Katie's day with grandma
Kevin and katie
Kevin discovers spring
Kevin goes to school
Meow katie's big book of animals
This is me
dentists and what they do
A puppy for kevin
Vroom! kevin's big book of vehicles
Astronauts and what they do
Kevin's christmas
Ballerinas and what they do
Chefs and what they do
The child in the manger
Big horse small mouse
Firefighters and what they do
Guess wher i am
Fall leaves
Guess who i am
Happy halloween
Happy easter
Kevin discovers autumn
Katie takes a plane
Kevin goes to the hospital
Hooray i am a boy
Kevin goes to the library
Hooray i am a girl
Kevin helps dad

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